Joves Navegants is committed to easing the integration and motivation of young people most at risk of social exclusion by creating goals and objectives which are real and tangible to them. This is developed through projects related to sailing and living aboard in the waters of the Balearic Islands and around the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Working mostly in 5 areas:

• Education.
• Ecology.
• Sports.
• Culture.
• Employment.

Our goal is to enable our young people to meet the challenges that are so essential to a social lifestyle, and develop through team work alongside our natural marine environment



• To bring the maritime world to young people, and so become a benchmark for them and for society, complementing this comprehensive training through the practical activities involved in sailing and living aboard.

• To promote a culture of sailing and the sea (creating respect and love of the sea).

• To raise awareness and publicize the importance of environmental conservation, especially the ocean and its biodiversity.

• Socialization. Promote values and social skills.

• Vocational training. Contributing to finding fulfilling jobs for our young people.